The Trip…continued

One thing I was going to mention on my last post but forgot was our fellow motel patrons in Winslow.  When we came in we noticed we were sharing our motel with a busload of about a dozen Japanese tourists.  The were mostly middle-aged, camera wielding, high-water pants and buttoned up plaid shirts types, so, your standard Japanese tourist.  About 9 o’clock I could hear them out in the parking lot laughing.  They were all out there dancing Gangnam style…yep, right in the front of the motel.  I’m not sure why, but I’m happy they were enjoying their time in the US.

In the last couple days we’ve been to the Grand Canyon, did the standard husband gripping the rocks as if he’s falling into the canyon photos and the usual.  We also met a couple guys who live in the town next to ours in Texas.  They were making paper airplanes and trying to send them down the canyon.  It’s Texans, y’all.

Currently, we’re in Pagosa Springs, Co.  We are a bit traveled out, so we decided to spend 2 nights here.  It’s a pretty town up in the mountains and we spend our day walking down some of the wonderful trails they have through the town and surrounding area.  It’s also got quite a few hot springs, so some parts of the town smell like someone is boiling eggs all the time.  But that’s not the only smell around here.  Our motel proudly boasts on it’s marquee that it’s “420 Friendly” …very friendly.  If I breathe deeply enough in the hallway, I get a buzz going.  This is a very happy place to hang out, everyone has a smile on their face and eats lots of junk food.

We also went to 4 corners, what a tourist trap.  We were already expecting that when we decided to go there and laughed at ourselves for going to such a dorky place.  To add to it, they charge you $5 a person just to go in there and stand on the 4 corners spot and run the gauntlet of tourists shops.  We actually had to stand in line to take our pictures, fortunately, it wasn’t a long line and our fellow line standers were all having fun thinking up innovative ways to get their picture taken at the center spot.

I think watching other people is more fun the doing the actual tourist stuff.  The Grand Canyon was full of people from different areas of the US and all over the world.  I didn’t even recognize some of the languages that I heard.  I DID understand the one mother yelling at her kid…first for digging in the dirt, then for picking up stuff off the ground (he was doing neither, he was messing with his shoe), she topped it off by yelling “will you just sit there and look at the canyon!”   I had to leave so I could have a good laugh.  People are so ridiculous.

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