Medical Miracles

My oldest daughter needed a medical procedure done that required she go under general anesthesia.   I went with her so I could drive her home afterwards (more on why I shouldn’t be trusted to drive later).  She was only under for about 10 minutes and I was by her side as she woke up.  The nurse shook her awake, she opened her eyes and immediately started speaking in Spanish.  I haven’t a clue what she said because I’m monolingual.  I gave her a weird look and asked why she was speaking Spanish.  Her reply, “I always speak Spanish when I’m drunk.”  Now, who can argue with a statement like that.  Eventually the story came out.  Apparently, the first time she ever got drunk was in Uruguay after being told that you speak Spanish better when you’re drunk…also, if you’re drunk in a Spanish speaking country, it’s real handy to use the language so you can eventually get your drunken self back to your hostel.  I guess this just became a habit with her and she now speaks Spanish when she’s drunk.  She explained that since she lived in Houston, she had probably a 50/50 chance that whoever she was talking to spoke Spanish anyway, so it all worked out.

While coming out of the anesthetic she was also fixated on Michael Jackson, how long she’d actually been awake and assured me that she’d be able to drive home.  I drove.

On Tuesday we bought a ‘new to us’ car.  It’s 10 years old, but looks nice, runs fine, etc.  Thursday morning I had to take hubs to the airport.  We left home about 3:45am and after having some issues at the airport, I was back on the road and headed home a little before 5 am.  This was my first time driving home alone from the airport, but I was confident I knew where I was going.  The problem was it was dark and rainy, and my night vision isn’t very good, especially when it’s raining.  I was wearing my glasses, but they didn’t help me see the curb that divided the service road from the onramp of the beltway.  Yep, I hit that baby probably going about 45-50 and managed to dent both wheels on the right side of the car.  We had some issues getting it insured, so after being assured that our insurance would cover any new vehicle we bought for the first 30 days, I thought I’d be fine calling our insurance and requesting roadside assistance.  Turns out that while our car is INSURED for 30 days after purchase, the roadside assistance feature is only good for the specific car it’s purchased under.  So, I ended up with a $125 tow truck ride home.  On the plus side, the driver of the truck was really nice and we had a nice chat in the half hour it took to get me home and also, the name of his company was Tow Jam Towing.  You can’t be too sorry to contribute money to a company with a name like that.  I had to get 2 new rims, which ended up being another plus, because after calling around I found a auto repair place that seems really trustworthy only about a half mile from our house.  When live gives you lemons, you gotta find the lemonade people.

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