Nigerian Scammer

We’re currently car shopping, which is really difficult when you don’t have a car.  We have to keep borrowing our girls cars so we can go check out possible prospects.  It’s been a pretty trying experience.  We drove about a half hour away to go look at the first one, we found it in the parking lot, the seller hadn’t shown up yet so we were just looking in the windows.  The inside we full of garbage.  Like he’d been eating at fast food restaurants every meal for the last 2 weeks then threw the junk in the car.  The fast food wrappers and pop bottles were bad enough, but there was a pee cup in the back seat.  Yeah, I know.  We texted the guy and told him we weren’t interested and he couldn’t figure out why.  We also drove 20 minutes to see this Cadillac the guy was really talking up in the ad.  He owned a car repair shop, this was his wife’s car and he took care of it well, the price was non-negotiable, blah blah blah.  During the test drive we smelled oil and when we got back hubs checked out the car while I looked at the spot where the car had been parked and saw a big oil stain on the ground.  Told him we weren’t interested and he asked why and we told him it leaked oil.  He proceeded to argue with us claiming it didn’t leak oil.  Uh…we SAW the oil on the ground and smelled it burning on the engine, but he still claimed it wasn’t leaking.  I don’t know why he kept pushing it, like we’ll say, “oh, you’re saying it DOESN’T leak oil?  Well then we’ll turn right around, come back and buy it!”  Another car we looked it looked pretty good, until we checked the dipstick and there wasn’t a drop of oil on it.  Car shopping is pretty traumatic.

But, today we finally got a car.  We bought it from a dealer.  The guy was really nice and polite.  He was originally from Nigeria, so of course, Nigerian scammer jokes were tossed back and forth by all of us.  For the record, we don’t feel scammed, even though we call it our Nigeria Scammer Car, and are planning on sending more people his way if we meet anyone looking for a car.

We also went with the girls to a special Princess Bride showing at a theater.  It was great, we all got inflatable swords so we could duel during the movie, bells to ring whenever there was gross kissing or true love mentioned and bubbles to blow at the happy ending.  It was fun going to the movie with a bunch of other fans.  We were all quoting lines along with the characters, cheering when our faves came onscreen and booing and hissing whenever Prince Humperdink showed up.  Definitely a good time.

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