settled in finally

We’re back in Texas…well I am.  Hubs was for a day, then jumped on a plane for Chile with our oldest daughter.  They’re now exploring the sights of Santiago.

Between leaving the Big Island and getting to Houston, we spent a couple days on Kauai.  What a beautiful island!  I’d never been there before and thoroughly enjoyed my visit.  It’s the oldest of Hawaii’s islands, so there is much more in the way of vegetation, and the dirt is red instead of the black we’ve got over in Kona…when we’ve got dirt, mostly it’s just lava rock.  The island is totally overrun with chickens, which is a huge plus for me because I’m kind of partial to chickens.  I like watching them scratch and peck around and I really love listening to mama hens talk to their chicks.  Some people are dog people and some are cat folks, I guess I’m a chicken person.  They’re like pets you can eat!  Win-win…except for the chickens I guess.  We’ve got wild chickens in Kona, but because we’ve also got mongooses (mongeese?), who eat eggs and baby chickens, the chicken population is kept a little more in check.  In Kauai, they’re everywhere.

It’s jacket weather here in Texas, at least it is if you’ve spent the last 5 months in Hawaii.  I’ve been enjoying the cooler temps and had fun digging around in the dirt in the beds around the house, pulling out last summers vegetation and pulling the weeds that are poking their heads out.  I do love working in gardens and have missed it the last year.

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