The Lion Sleeps Tonight

We’ve moved from our downtown condo to a little shack in the jungle.  We’re surrounded by fruit trees and bush.  It’s a huge difference from the last 2 months.  Hubs likes listening to the waves, which is fine for awhile, but I prefer the sound of the wind in the leaves and frogs.  It’s a bit cooler here too, so I’m sleeping really good.  Of course, there are downsides to staying here, if you look at them that way.  We prefer to make it a game, such as “what kind of animal do you think it is crawling on the roof now?”, that’s a common evening game.  It can get pretty noisy here at night.  Another disadvantage, at night anyway, is that the bathroom is outside.  It’s not an outhouse, it’s just that the toilet and shower are in a patio kind of area out behind the shack.  It’s very private, so it’s not like you feel exposed or anything, but after playing the creature on the roof game for awhile, I really am hesitant to head outside to the bathroom.  But it’s surprisingly freeing to take a shower outside, though if you take too long, I guess you run the risk of getting a sunburn on places where literally the sun doesn’t usually shine.

Hubs likes his fresh juice in the morning, and it doesn’t get any fresher than here.  He goes out in the morning and gathers enough oranges, lemons and tangelos to juice up and boom, there you go.  We’ve also got all the avocados we can eat.  We’ve just got to look out for the coconut tree outside the cabin, those coconuts look like they could fall off at any time and I, for one, don’t want to meet my maker by being bonked on the head by a coconut.  I’d just feel too much like Gilligan.

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