the end is here

We moved into this building on November 14th, around that exact same time, they started doing roadwork directly in front of our building.   Major roadwork, with giant jackhammers, cement trucks, rock wall building, the works.  Yesterday, they finally put down the new blacktop on both lanes, then painted the stripes.  I think they’re done finally.  It was messy, noisy and inconvenient, and the dirt made the condo filthy, so I’m glad it’s finally over.  Of course, we’re leaving here in 2 weeks, but at least we’ll have a couple weeks of quiet…provided the people renovating the unit directly on top of ours don’t do anything major in the next half a month.  This wasn’t quite the oasis of quiet we were thinking this was going to be.  But at least the roadwork usually ended by 3 everyday and our nights are filled with the sounds of the waves hitting the shore directly across the road.  So, life is good.

Not so much for Hammock Guy, who for some reason, was dragging an aluminum bat caveman style down the street the other night.  Hubs said he was trying to assert himself as alpha male in the pack, I’m not entirely sure who he was asserting himself against since I didn’t see any other homeless people around except for wheelchair man, and for obvious reasons, he’s not a particularly intimidating guy, unless he hit the back of your ankles, I guess.

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