I love how people are so different.  Earlier this month, one of my husband’s high school buddies came and stayed with us for a week for his vacation.  One day the two of them decided they wanted to go parasailing.  I looked online at the local parasailing company, UFO Parasailing to check out their rates and their rules.  One of the guidelines is that you can go up with up to 3 people together, but the combined weight shouldn’t equal more than 450 pounds, though this was up to the discretion of the boat captain.  The guys really wanted to go up together so they could talk, share what they saw etc, things are usually more fun when you’re with somebody.  The problem was that together they were just over the maximum weight limit.

The two men have very different personalities.  Glen is an engineer, think stereotypical Dilbert, while my husband could be classified as more of a visionary/dreamer.  So when the captain asked my husband how much he weighed, he shaved a few pounds off so he and Glen could go up together.  Glen on the other hand, added a few pounds to his weight to counteract Indiana Jones’ recklessness.  It takes all kinds to run the world, I guess.  The captain must have been more of an Indiana than a Dilbert, since the guys got to go up together and had a great time.

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