Island Time

Today I spent my morning doing something everyone living on the islands spends a lot of time doing…waiting.  Nobody is in a hurry to do anything here, so you learn the value of patience.  I spent 2 hours at one of our vendors today returning 6 items and picking 10 up.  2 hours.  Fortunately, they had a jar of candy canes on the counter, so I sat and ate candy canes and shot the breeze with the guys working there and the other guys that showed up to wait for their equipment too.  I’ll call it networking and figure it was a morning well spent.

Last night the people in our condo units had a Christmas potluck down by the pool.  Since we don’t see a lot of our fellow residents, it was kind of fun to go down there and get to know them.  We had a lot of delicious food, then the building cheerleader got people singing Christmas songs.  So there we were, about 15 slightly drunk residents trying to sing Oh Come All Ye Faithful.  I’m not expecting a recording contract any time soon.  But, I did make the connection to the building cheerleader being the women in the unit above us by 2 floors.  A couple weeks ago I had my head stuck out over the balcony railing checking out the action down on the street, when a leaf came floating by my head.  The only trees in the area are either palm trees next to the building or the ones across the street, neither of which are capable of shedding leaves that will float by my head as it’s sticking out of a 5th floor balcony.  So I looked up and and saw 2 faces peeking over the balcony on the 7th floor.  One of the women smiled down at me as said that they like dropping leaves off the balcony to see where they’ll go.  Last night, once I realized that I was face to face with the leaf dropper, I brought up the incident.  She’s an older woman who lives with her mother, a very old lady.  She said her mother suffers from macular degeneration, one of the only things she’s able to see are the leaves falling from the balcony.  So they go on walks, collect leaves and flowers, then drop them off the balcony so her mother has something to look at.  How sweet is that?  She said that when the construction crew was working directly below us last month, they had fun dropping leaves down on them.  If you’re going to drop leaves for fun, you might as well make it a challenge, I guess.

A friend who was here last week visiting from Wisconsin made the observation that about 50% of the people in Hawaii are crazy, and no matter where he went on the islands, that percentage seemed consistent.  I had to agree with him.  And after meeting our fellow residents last night, I think his observation was, once again, substantiated.

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