The Cast of Characters

Yeah, I had good intentions about picking up writing again.  Making it a daily habit.  Yada yada yada.  So we all saw how that turned out.  So, let me give it another shot.

We last saw our intrepid writer we were living in a condo in Hawaii.  Well, we’re still in Hawaii, different condo, same town.  The condo we’re in now is a lot more interesting than the last one where the only interesting interaction we had onsite was with the guy who lived downstairs from us who looked like a sloppy, psycho Amish guy and would get mad at us for moving the furniture around on the balcony because we were ‘too loud’.  We would hang out with our neighbors across the way and all make up ways we could torment him within the confines of the condo rules.  We could get pretty creative, though we very seldom acted on any of our fantasies.

Anyway, now we’re on the 5th floor of a building right in the downtown area looking down onto the main village street and overlooking the ocean.  I could tell you about the beauty of the ocean, the palm trees and all that other stuff, but you can read that on any write-up about Hawaii, though we did see some whales last week, which was kind of cool.  But to me, the best part about this new spot is that it’s great for people watching.  Being on the 5th floor, people can’t really see you from the street unless they’re really trying, I know, I checked, so I know I can spy in relative anonymity.  The place also came equipped with a telescope and we have binoculars, so we’re all set.

Sometimes the tourists are interesting, but the best to watch is the homeless/street people soap opera going on right across the street.  As our son said, “most people would be upset to have a bunch of homeless people hanging out outside their condo, you and dad think of it as a plus.”  I can’t help it, they do interesting stuff.

We’ve even named a lot of the regulars.  There’s Hammock Guy, Blond ponytail, Shimmy, Fight Guy, Guy Who Beat Up Fight Guy, Crazy Girl and her predecessor, Crazy Mary, who Crazy Girl will be some day if she lives long enough.  There’s also Really Messed Up Dude, Cigarette Guy, Lei Maker and a bunch of old guys who all kind of look the same who I just call the Vietnam Vets.  I’m not sure if they fought in Vietnam or are even Vets, but it’s just what they all remind me of.

Most of these people/names have stories behind them that I’ll share with you later, though some of them are pretty explanatory, like in the case of Fight Guy and Guy Who Beat Up Fight Guy.   I’m honestly not making fun of these people, I find what they do much more interesting than the ‘normal’ people who are walking around downtown taking pictures of their kids in front of the ocean wall or hurrying back to the pier to get on the launch that takes them back to their cruise ship.

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