So, I guess exciting stuff happens after empty nesting afterall

Sunday, my husband and I began a trip across the country.  We started by heading to Nashville for a business meeting, purposely scheduled during the eclipse.  A motel room was booked far in advance because we knew Nashville was going to fill up since it was the epicenter of the eclipse.  On the other hand, we didn’t know for sure if we were going to go since we’re actually scheduled to move ourselves and most everything we own across the country on September 4th -life is a little busy right now- so we didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money on a prepaid motel room, so we went on the cheap.  Of course, this will return to bite us in the butt later.

After a ten hour drive we get to our motel and get our room key.  We were looking for our room so we knew where to park.  It was soon spotted, it was on the second floor, right above where the pee-stained mattresses were leaning against the wall.  This was our first indication that you’re not always necessarily safe going with a nationwide chain, they are not all created equal.  Our second indication came soon after, when I decided to wait until the guy was done peeing in the parking lot before I got out of the car to unload our stuff.  I’m guessing it wasn’t his mattress leaning against the wall since he seemed comfortable doing his business next to a 2005 Chevy Malibu and didn’t require the kind of privacy mattress peeing provides.

Then we entered….The Room.  First off, it was evident we didn’t get a non-smoking room; if the smell hadn’t tipped us off, the cigarette burns on every available surface was a good clue.  Do people really smoke in the shower?  How does that even work?  There apparently was a lot of sitting on the toilet smoking as well, at least I prefer to think it was cigarettes being snubbed out on the wall that make all those brown smears.  I just decided to not investigate too closely.

After unloading, I just needed to relax and chill for a bit and for me that means cracking open a book.  I take my book, gingerly ease myself onto the questionable bedspread and click on the light.  Well, I clicked the light, it didn’t go on.  I clicked it a few more times before I looked closer…no lightbulbs in the lamps.  Fortunately, there was one bulb in one fixture, so we just moved that one to wherever we needed light the most at any given time.  Ironically, since our car was loaded down with stuff we were taking down to our daughters house for our move, I had lightbulbs in the car.  But since we also had a ton of other stuff in the car as well, I wasn’t willing to dig through it all to find a couple lightbulbs.  The sisterhood of the traveling light bulb worked fine for the 3 days we were holed up in hotel hell.  There were also multiple holes in our curtains, which let in some additional light…except for one exceptionally big hole that management fixed by literally putting a bandaid over it.

One of the other guys going to the business event didn’t have the good fortune(?) of getting a room like we did and put out a plea to some of the event goers looking for a place to sleep.  Hubs offered our floor, but since I wasn’t even comfortable walking on our floor I was hesitant to offer it to someone for actual sleeping.  Fortunately for the guy, he found an overpriced room on the outskirts of town and was saved from getting whatever diseases he would have picked up from sleeping on our floor.

My favorite part of the whole experience was when I was laughingly telling someone else at the business event about our horrific room and his response was, “Bless your heart.”  That’s pretty much the most southern thing anyone has ever said to me, second only to another comment a lady in Mississippi made to me while in line at the KFC.  “Are ya’ll wantin’ to order?”

This is enough for now, though it’s not nearly the end of our cross-country adventure.   I’m sure ya’ll will be wantin’ to hear more on that later.

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