A new beginning

I was blogging before people knew what a blog was.  Back in 2005, someone suggested to me that I try doing on online journal or diary.  I was confused, who wanted to read someone else’s journal?  And who would possibly want to write stuff about your life that the whole world would be able to see?  Me, it turns out.  And, it also turns out that people wanted to read what I wrote.  I had begun writing one of the very first “Mommy Blogs”.

I wrote in that blog for ten years.  During that time, my children went from elementary school children to high school graduates; crazy little monsters to crazy big teenagers.  I wrote about our lives, providing stories for my family and friends to relive much more vividly than any picture could possibly provide.

In 2015 I stopped.  Feeling that now that my children were grown, I had nothing more to share.  But now, two years later, on the day that my youngest child moved out of the house, making me an official empty nester, I’ve realized that life goes on, even when I’m not wiping dirty faces, cleaning up after various pets and making enough food to feed an army plus whatever friends that army brings home.

I’m going to start writing for real, and you get to join me on my journey.  Enjoy the ride.

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